Interview assistance support tool

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The interview assistance support tool

We support companies improving their business process through gamified activities and events. SolarPHC together with DOLEvents developed an interview assistance support tool.

The interview assistance support tool is complete solution for interview assistance that greatly improves your selection process and helps you better understand the skills and limitations of each applicant.

The benefits are huge. Not only are applicants more open in gamified situations, which gives you a better insight into the personalty, also the reporting tool helps you re-remember your impressions of the applicant. The selection support tool helps you with the ranking and selection, streamlining the process.

The Benefits summarized:

  • Easy insight in Biases & Feelings
  • Re-remember impressions of interviews through association
  • Selection support
  • Custom made to your needs
  • No integration with IT infrastructure

How does it work?

All our gamified events are played on the applicants phone, the results are placed in the custom made pdf report on a daily basis. There is no need to integrate with your IT infrastructure.

The applicant receives a invitation letter for an interview. You explain in the letter that part of the interview is based on a gamified interactive application. 

The applicant starts the gamified interview at a certain time and after 30 minutes the interactive interview stops and tells the applicant to connect through (zoom/mstreams) for the face to face interview.

At the end of each day you receive an overview report of all the interviewees and through a scoring system that is created with the client a ranking is provided. 

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Why use a gamified Interview Support?

Interviewing Support saves you time, resources and gives you the option to verify later on in the process what the applicant has said. Catch feeling and biases very hard to discover during a conversation and compare and rank applicants easily.

  • Save Time, Money & Resources
  • Catch Biases & Feelings
  • Compare and Rank Applicants

We have 30 years experience in helping companies improving their processes through gamified events, and all of them keep coming back to us.

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